Haldex relies on Buehler Motor

Buehler Motor is awarded another large order from the global leader in four-wheel drive technology


Nuremberg, 15 March 2010 – With its next generation of traction control systems, Haldex, global leader in four-wheel drive technology, is again relying on an innovative DC motor manufactured by Buehler Motor. Haldex AB and Buehler have a long-lasting and trusting relationship that spans several years. Haldex relied on Buehler Motor’s design and industrialization skills starting with its first generation of traction control systems in 1998.


“We are proud that Haldex trusts us again with its fifth generation traction control system. This trust gives us even more incentive to try harder and significantly contribute to Haldex’s success” states Rudolf Kaiser, Buehler Motor’s Corporate Director Sales Automotive.


Buehler’s DC drive, an integral part of the hydraulic pump, assists in providing the needed pressure build-up in the traction control system. It plays a key role in assuring reliable operation of the entire application.


The new generation of Haldex traction control systems among other applications will be used in high volumes for Volkswagen’s new modular platform MQB, to be released in 2012. This order is of special significance to Haldex, since it is the largest order ever received in the history of the company.


Focus of the design was the optimization of weight, durability, and cost. With the motor technology which has been totally synchronized to Haldex’s system, Buehler’s drive assists the Haldex design team to make its dreams come true. In spite of the increased life span of over 4,000 hours, the motor with its highly integrated end shield meets all cost targets.


“We particularly appreciate Buehler Motor’s ability to consistently understand our requirements and then, hand in hand with us, to develop the design in an independent and flexible manner. It is also reassuring to know that Buehler not only has superior design abilities, but that we can also rely on them when we go into production”, states Ulf Ahlen, President Haldex Traction AB.


With the start of production in 2012 the new generation of Buehler drives used in Haldex traction control systems will find an entrance into the market for other models of well-known automotive manufacturers.