Buehler Motor 22 mm planetary gear motor

After the introduction of the first prototype of a 22 mm planetary gear motor in early 2006, Buehler Motor GmbH, now has finalized the product series, offering a range of choices.


Today the gear motors are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-stage versions, and gear ratios range from 19:1 up to 809:1.


Currently nine different gear ratios in 12 V and 24 V versions are in stock, ready to ship. With these, motors torque values of 150 to 800 nNm can be archieved. The gears are made entirely of plastic and run very smoothly.


In addition to the selection already offered in Buehler's STOCK SERVICE program, production with these same gear heads assembled onto the 16.011 series of motors is under development. These are flat DC motors, which have a 22 mm diameter on the round end. Large gear ratios can thus be archieved with a very cost-effective motor. Moreover, the gear motor is very compact; 68 mm length (4-stage, without bearing boss and connecting pins).


On request, 5- and 6-stage variations can be provided with only a few weeks lead time. This will allow gear ratios up to 4400:1 (5-stage) and approx. 22000:1 (6-stage).