13.49 - Next generation of DC motors

DC motor, Diameter 40 mm, 1.13.049.XXX

The new 40 mm DC motor family by Bühler Motor: an example of innovative and market oriented product management.


Nürnberg, October 10th 2011 – The replacement of the motor 13.46, successfully used for many years in office applications, shows once again how Bühler Motor is able to improve considerably its established DC technology.


More robust, more powerful, longer life


The new motor, characterized by a metal brush endshield and a shaft diameter of 5 mm, stands for significantly higher overall robustness. Also the thermal and electromagnetical behavior of the internally called 13.49 motor outranges the capabilities of his predecessor to a high level. A new, also 7 slotted armature, was designed for a maximum in copper filling. In combination with the latest generation of Ferrite magnets a remarkable power density could be achieved. All these attributes predestine this new brush commutated Bühler Motor not only for a wider range of applications but also for more ambitious cases.


Flexible and easy to adjust


An identifying feature, typical for Bühler, is the simple adjustment to various requirements. The out-put shaft of the motor for instance can easily be modified to the specific customer demands. Not just the length but also the specific shape of the extensions on both sides of the motor guarantee a great flexibility in a wide range of applications. Drive elements like pinions, pulleys etc. may be added without difficulty. Standard lead wires to exit either axially or radially give the motor additional flexibility in each imaginable mounting position. Connectors per customer request may be added to the desired length of the wires. Another feature may be the addition of an optical or magnetic encoder. Electromagnetic brakes or a combination with gear boxes is also possible with this motor. Alike the 13.46 also 13.49 is designed as a motor family. Three reasonable lengths guarantee a wide spectrum of power capability. Depending on the load conditions there will be sleeve bearings or high quality ball bearings. In order to electromagnetically suppress the motor a variety of solutions by using chokes and capacitors is available.


With it´s increased robustness, power and flexibility the new Bühler Motor 13.49 is not limited to office and paperhandling applications. There are potential applications in the building automation, medical and general industries that would benefit from this motor.