The Power Chameleon: The new 63 mm Motor from Bühler Motor

1.13.063 - DC Motor, 63 mm, 12 - 24 V

Powerful, quiet, with a long service life and even MORE adaptable to specific requirements.


Nuremberg, 30th March 2011 - The new 63mm motor from Bühler is the latest in a successful line of Permanent Magnet Brushed DC motors. It provides high power, quiet operation, long service life, and is flexible in design to allow easier integration into a wide variety of drive systems.


High Power

Using the latest magnet technology based on cost-efficient ferrite magnets combined with an opti-mized magnet circuit the 12-slot armature design gives a maximum in power density. The lamination design is optimized for maximum copper fill and uses the latest low-loss material thus allowing the optimum usage of the space available for torque generation.


Quiet Operation

By a specific design of the magnet edges Buehler Motor succeeded in reducing significantly the “cogging” torque thus minimizing vibrations and noise.


Long Service Life

The two ball bearings provide minimum friction loss and maximum service life even under extreme conditions of use.


Even More Adaptable!

Both ends of the motor feature identical end covers with a variety of mounting options. Interfacing a reduction gear is possible. Also, various accessories, such as low resolution magnetic encoders or high resolution optical encoders, can be attached. The flexible end cover design allows for electro-magnetic brakes to be attached without any problem as well. The power cables are designed to allow for both radial and axial exit from the motor. This allows for optimum usage of existing installation spaces. Customer specific cable lengths and connectors make the electric interface complete. A variety of Electrical Noise Suppression configurations are available, including inductors in series and capacitors in series and parallel. This allows the optimum solution for RFI/EMI problems. By changing the armature wire size and number of turns, a large range of rotational speeds can be covered in the range between 12 and 48V. Additionally, there is a large range of possible shaft designs, including flats, threads, cross bores etc. Moreover, drive elements such as pinions, pulleys, and worm gears can be attached to the motor shaft without any problem. All this together allows easy and uncomplicated adaptation of this new workhorse to any special application.


The new 63 mm motor is recommended for a variety of applications. It is especially suitable for pump and compressor drives, linear actuators, door and window actuators and paper handling applications.


The new 63 mm motor from Bühler Motor demonstrates in a convincing way how cost advantages of large scale series can be combined with the superiority of customized drive solutions when using innovative engineering.