The quick reaction force

This is an immediate delivery program based on Bühler motors that have proven themselves a million times over. Not only are the drives available immediately, they are also backed by Buehler’s quality commitment, that of a large-scale supplier to the automotive, aerospace and medical technology industries.

  • Motors from 1 W - 250 W (PMDC)
  • ec4more 40 W - 325 W (BLDC)
  • Gear motors from 1 Ncm - 7 Nm (PMDC)
  • Water pumps (BLDC)

Available quickly, even without minimum order volumes

Original Bühler DC/BLDC motors and gear motors, available directly from the warehouse without minimum order quantity requirements. Make your selection using our online product search.

Maximum motor efficiency, even in Stock Service

The brushless EC drives of the Bühler ec4more product line are the ideal solution for stringent performance requirements in terms of efficiency, dynamics, power density, synchronous operation and long life. The design highlight: split stators, which enable a maximum copper fill factor and result in maximum energy density. These small brushless motors are based on classic package forms: cylindrical in diameters from 30 to 60 mm and lengths from 50 to 142 mm. The EC motors, with up to 500 Watts of power, are easy replacements for existing drives, and offer significant gains in power and energy efficiency.

Offer with new 62 mm BLDC motor increased

New in Bühler Motor STOCK SERVICE: BLDC with 62mm diameter and 142mm length ...

Product portfolio expanded

Bühler DC and BLDC motors now also available with steel planetary gears in 42, 52 and 62 mm diameter ...

13.49 - Next generation of DC motors

The new 40 mm DC motor family by Bühler Motor: an example of innovative and market oriented product management ...