Customized for you

With variants projects ...

Variant products are drives based on our Stock Service portfolio that have been customized to your unique requirements. Coil winding changes, different shafts, alternative brushes, different gear ratios and materials for toothed gears are just a few of the modifications that can be made to Bühler's drives to macht your needs.

… for a completely personalized solution

Combine any of the named modifications with any of a multitude of accessory parts such as Hall sensors, encoders, sheet metal accessories, gearing, belt wheels, electrical leads, plug connectors, turned parts, and injection molded parts, adapters and brackets, to get a Bühler solution that is as individual as your fingerprint.

Simply contact us for a consultation

Tell us about your project and our engineers will provide a proposal for an optimal drive system solution. With experience acquired from countless customer-specific projects, Bühler developers are always to assist you.