Research and Development as a
core competence

Custom system solutions born from in-house development expertise

Nearly one in ten Bühler Motor employees worldwide works in Research and Develop­ment. Where ‘time to market’ counts, Bühler offers a competitive advantage. In-house development expertise, combined with in-house prototype capability and in-house test laboratories enables powerfully optimized development processes. In conjunction with sophisticated simulations, some development or test loops can be reduced or eliminated, saving valuable time and expense, and giving our customers quicker entry to markets.

Our engineering experience makes us independent

Development proficiency is the strong foundation upon which Bühler Motor is built. An extremely high process capability in developing motors and gearing, along with hardware and software, is one of Bühler’s exceptional strengths. This expansive knowledge allows Buhler to independently provide a complete solution.

Reaching goals quicker with simulations

Whether they involve noise behavior, strength and durability, motor and magnetic circuit layout, vibration behavior, tempera­ture resistance, flow behavior or sealing, sophisticated simulations make it easier for Buehler Motor to consider alternatives and find material, cost and weight-saving solutions.

In-house prototype building: theory and practice from a single source

Meaningful results are only possible if production conditions can be optimally recreated, therefore Bühler Motor’s goal is always to fabricate prototypes that are as similar as possible to the production product. In-house fixture building, experience in mechanical processing, such as toothed wheel milling, mastery of joining technologies, wire winding of armatures and stators and the processes of electrostatic coating, balancing and magnetizing, are all as much a part of our capabilities as monitored drawing processes, the creation of assembly fixtures and final assembly of entire subassemblies. The bandwidth of our capabilities ranges from single prototypes to short production runs.

Good to know: in-house testing and validation

Performing critical tests in-house results in reduced program timelines and higher test result confidence. Due to the close cooperation between Bühler’s developers and production engineers test results quickly flow back into the development cycle expediting the overall time to market.

Our capabilities include testing for:

  • product life under mechanical loads and resistance to various media (oil, urea, etc.) 
  • insulation resistance and high voltage 
  • EMC 
  • vibration 
  • ESD 
  • salt fog 
  • climate and thermal shock 
  • electrical parameter testing 
  • sealing

Automotive Solutions

More efficient drives and reduced CO2 emissions for hybrid and electric vehic­les, improved safety and more relaxed arrivals …

Healthcare Solutions

Miniaturized, point-of-care diagnostic and thera­peutic ap­plica­tions, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, drug delivery devices …

Industrial Solutions

Adjustment, feed, control gate and positioning drives for valve controls, pumps, blowers and compressors ...