For 100% quality and 0 errors

Quality from the beginning

From the initial sketch to shipments of finished goods – at Bühler Motor quality is always part of the specification. We understand that quality is not only dependent on process optimization, but also on the product design. Early in the development phase, fundamental decisions are made that have an effect on later quality performance.

Certified quality competence

Bühler Motor places an exceptionally high priority on quality, as illustrated by its/our numerous certifications.
Bühler Motor has certifications to standards that include:

Quality as a comprehensive process

At Bühler Motor, quality is not only prac­ticed in the Research and Development and Production areas, but in Sales and Admini­stration as well. Not just the result of cleverly designed processes; quality is also an attitude that is lived by our employees.

In addition, the continuous improvement process makes systematic use of proven tools and methods such as Six Sigma, TQM, Kaizen and FMEA.

Automotive Solutions

More efficient drives and reduced CO2 emissions for hybrid and electric vehic­les, improved safety and more relaxed arrivals …

Healthcare Solutions

Miniaturized, point-of-care diagnostic and thera­peutic ap­plica­tions, such as blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, drug delivery devices …

Industrial Solutions

Adjustment, feed, control gate and positioning drives for valve controls, pumps, blowers and compressors ...