Bühler Greentech Solutions

It is only the overall environmental balance that counts in the end

Bühler greentech solutions are not limited to simply developing more energy efficient drives. From the beginning, Bühler solutions also consider the resource and energy consumption needed to develop and produce the products and to dispose of them after their useful life. Energy for lighting, air condi­tioning and machines, water and wastewater, material usage, recycling, reducing noise emis­sions: no aspect is overlooked.

Greentech right from the start

We are committed to handling natural resources with care.

The Bühler greentech solutions strategy builds upon three pillars: greentech products from greentech production for greentech applications.

From the beginning of the project Bühler developers examine the purpose of the product’s use and the application field closely. No less than 80 to 90% of total resource and energy usage for an entire product life cycle (material, production, energy and disposal) is defined in the development phase, therefore customized solutions are the best starting point for optimal overall environmental balance.

Greentech solutions engineering ...

Systematic use of finite element (FE) simulations at all stages of development makes it possible to optimize component design to actual loads. Among other things, this minimizes material use and weight. Furthermore, well-tuned FE simulations make it unnecessary to perform multiple prototype-testing iterations, which consume materials, cost and time. Innovative developments, such as the use of segmented stators, maximize effectiveness and let customers replace existing motors with smaller, lighter and more efficient drives. Numerous design parameters are continuously measured and monitored during every development project at Bühler Motor, assuring that all customer and environmental requirements are fulfilled – from the planning phase to manufacturing and later disposal. 

… for greentech applications

Custom drive solutions from Bühler Motor make a contribution towards reducing our CO2 footprint in countless greentech applications.

In the automotive industry, decentralized drives with pinpoint accuracy help to attain ambitious goals for CO2 reduction. For example, when engine stop/start functions are implemented, electric drives can be used in oil pumps, where they can maintain transmission fluid pressure. When used in electric water pump applications, they support energy optimization in the thermal management of internal combustion engines and in cooling of batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles. They are used as drives and pumps in emissions control systems and to control exhaust gas recirculation valves. They are also used to control gas flow in internal combustion engines – performing their tasks discretely and reliably.

In the industry solutions area as well, such as in medical technology, building engineering, automation and office equipment technology, renowned manufacturers rely on Bühler develop­ments for energy optimization. In commercial Buildings Bühler Motor DC drives are used in automated shade systems to reduce energy demand for air conditioning and as actuator motors for fresh air and exhaust air ventilation. In low-energy houses, they are used to optimally tune air exchanges. They rotate solar panels towards the light, boosting their efficiency and life. In agricultural machines, Bühler gear motors minimize seed waste, and in color copiers – e.g. in the Xerox ColorCube product series – they help to reduce costs and waste by up to 90%.