Solutions for Engine and Body

More power

Bühler drives – as intelligent actuators for tumble valves, throttle valves (resonance) or intake manifold adjustment in the induction system – produce greater power and energy efficiency. In emissions control systems, they are used to precisely control AGR valves, and in DeNOx systems Bühler BLDC motors are responsible for circulating reduction fluid. 

Greater safety

As drives for vacuum pumps, Bühler motors handle continuous boosting of brake pressure independent of the engine.

Greater convenience

In the body area, Bühler systems work as closing drives and actuators, e.g. for mirrors, spoilers and roof applications. In the interior, they provide for additional comfort in adjustment drives for seat height, head restraints and window shades. As electric actuator motors, wherever they are used they enable convenient selection of the desired gear reduction.


EC Motor for AdBlue® Pump

for conveying the reaction liquid in a SCR catalyst ...

Pump Drive for Vacuum Pump

to provide braking power support that is constantly available ...

Drive for Rear Blinds

inside vehicles with integrated spring and internal limit stop ...