Healthcare Solutions

Ambient Assisted Living

Demographic transitions, an increase in chronic civilization-related diseases, exploding medical costs: in the future, home care applications will be able to make an important contribution to increasing quality of life, providing more individual health care and monitoring as well as reducing costs.

Complete solutions for medical technology and pharmaceuticals

Bühler Motor is already focusing on this future topic today with the development an production of complex custom actuators and complete motion system solutions.

Innovative system solutions for the markets of the future

Never before has the development of new medical technology solutions been so time critical. Bühler Motor has the comprehen­sive knowledge and resources to bring innovative products to market maturity even faster. From concept to finished product, developers at Bühler Motor – and its partners on the customer side – seamlessly work hand-in-hand to create ideal drive solutions for medical products.

Bühler Motor development cycles can be significantly shortened by in-house systems capability, in-house develop­ment competence, in-house  production expertise and in-house quality com­mitment offering its customers effective workload relief.

Dispensing new medications safely and efficiently

The main focus is making sure that treatment is safe, simple and convenient for patients even when the drugs are applied at home ...

Medication To Go

Mechani­cal drive solu­tions for drug delive­ry are Bühler Motors focus ...

DIN 13485 certified

Certification underscores bigger healthcare commitment.