Comprehensive system competence

Customized complete solutions from a single source

Developing innovative DC current drives is one of Bühler Motor's great passions, however successful compre­hensive solutions require integration with other subsystems such as sensors, electronics and software as well as actuators, reduction gears or pumps.

Successfully integrating subsystems and overcoming system boundaries

Our system competence extends to subsystems as well. We are able to predict the effects of even the slightest changes to subsystems on the functional safety and peformance of the overall system. With Buehler's comprehensive approach, we overcome system boundaries to create successful complete solutions.

Seamless integration for optimal interaction

  • Direct current (DC) electric motors (brushed and brushless)
  • Sensors
  • Electronics and software
  • Gearing
  • Actuators
  • Pumps

System solutions from a single source

Quick and flexible implementation of complete customer-specific solutions – from prototype to series production – is only possible in combination with Buehler's in-house system capability, in-house development competence, in-house production expertise and in-house quality commitment.

In-house development competence

Nearly one out of ten Bühler employees works in the Research and Development area …

In-house production competence

With 8 production sites on 3 continents, we always have the optimal production facility …

In-house quality competence

Quality right from the start: 100% relia­bility and zero errors ...