Even more value added for our customers

Buehler Motor stays on track. Winner of the “Automotive Lean Production Awards 2009”.

Nuremberg, 20 January 2010 – Dr. Uwe Bader remembers the festive award ceremony of the “Automotive Lean Production Awards 2009” fondly. The award was bestowed less than two month ago, but for the team leader of the “Global Production Systems” team the ceremony seems long ago. Dr. Bader is fully focused on the future: “Project 2012” is the code name for Buehler Motor’s efforts to strengthen its position to meet future challenges.

This means the systemic transfer and further development of the steps taken in the Monheim plant – winner of the “national mid-size company” award – to all the production plants Buehler Motor has across the globe. The goal: “Breathing” production systems, which are highly flexible to meet customer requirements.

Here too the focus is: Full concentration to add value for the customer. Minimum ramp-up times, low inventories and production times guarantee an improvement in productivity and just-in-time delivery commitments. Moreover, the systematic reduction of waste and scrap assure outstanding quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

“Value stream mapping aids us in ongoing examination and improvement of our processes and in defining usage dependent KANBAN cycle times for materials”, per Dr. Bader. “Through all of this we remain faithful to our pragmatic and result-oriented approach: ‘Hands-On’ – we test and optimize all production lines directly in the plant together with our dedicated employees.” Therefore Harald Krug, the Monheim plant manager views the “Automotive Lean Production Award 2009” as a special recognition for the 320 employees from all parts of the business unit.

“At the start of the re-organization during 2006 no one thought it would be successful so fast. A big incentive for us to keep building on this success with full force,” Peter Muhr, president of Buehler Motor stated.

Buehler Motor is staying the course with its efforts to become an even stronger and more valuable development and production partner for sophisticated mechatronic drive solution

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