Buehler Motor: Managing Director Appointed from Owning Family Again after a Decade

Nuremberg, February 11, 2019 – Mark Furtwängler has taken over the position of Managing Director of Buehler Motor GmbH and joint Co-CEO of the Buehler Motor Group as of January 1, 2019.

He is currently being supported in this by Peter Muhr, who is continuing as Managing Director of Buehler Motor GmbH and joint Co-CEO of the Buehler Motor Group. With this dual leadership, Buehler Motor is now ready to face the demands of the future.

In addition to Program Management Automotive, Mark Furtwängler is also now responsible for the Industrial, Aviation and Healthcare divisions, Central Research and Development, Human Resources and the North American market.

Peter Muhr was the sole managing director of the company since 2008. In the future, he will be responsible for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Operations, Quality Management, Controlling and Finances, IT and MIS systems and the Asian business.

The new dual leadership is also a result of the company’s successful development in recent years. The Buehler Motor Group’s total sales revenue has almost tripled in just a few years. Sales revenue in the Asia region has, actually, risen tenfold. The proportion of direct business with the final product manufacturers in the area of Automotive grew within a short time from 10 percent to nearly 50 percent. In parallel, the number of employees rose by over 30 percent to 1800 employees worldwide.

“Our new size, expanded workforce and increasingly international focus bring new needs. There’s also the increased responsibility that assume as first-tier-supplier, i.e. as a partner who directly supplies the end product manufacturers. All of this means that Buehler Motor needs to be competitive as it deals with this increasing complexity,” comments Mark Furtwängler.

“Average is a failure” – the sentence that one of the most important customers formulated as a fundamental principle at the beginning of his time in North America – has become Mark Furtwängler’s personal motto. With him, customers gain another powerful partner representing their interests.

He also feels that taking on increased responsibility is part of the owning family’s commitment to the company. In this, he is following the example of Cornel and Christof Furtwängler who, as representatives of the family’s fourth generation, are continuing to keep an eye on the company’s continuity and reliability on Buehler Motor’s Advisory Board.

Mark Furtwängler has been with the company since 2014. Most recently, as President and General Manager of the North American subsidiary Buehler Motor Inc. for three years; he was responsible for all activities in the North American market.

Before joining Buehler Motor, Mark Furtwängler worked for many years in various positions of responsibility at BMW AG.

Since the beginning of the year, Karl Wagner has assumed all of the responsibility for the locations in North America as President and General Manager. He transitioned from BorgWarner to Buehler Motor Inc. about a year ago and has been Vice President of regional Program Management with Sales and Marketing ever since.

Stark für die Zukunft aufgestellt: Peter Muhr und Mark Furtwängler
Stark für die Zukunft aufgestellt: Peter Muhr und Mark Furtwängler
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