Bühler Motor expands auxiliary water pump production capacity

New investment adds to CO2 technology capacities.

Nuremberg, March 20, 2012 - Due to greater than expected demand, Buehler Motor has implemented a second production line for their very successful brushless electric DC Auxiliary Water Pumps (AWP).
There were many challenges associated with implementing this new production line. One was that both the current version of the AWP and the newest version (still under development) would have to be produced on the same line. Considerations were necessary to assure the proper flexibility to achieve this goal.
Another challenge was the ambition timing associated with the new line implementation. The implementation team (headed by Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Weiske) would need to have the new line implemented within 12 months due to the higher than expected demand for the AWP. Ensuring the timing would be met without sacrificing the required high quality would require the team to pursue innovative solutions. A systematic pre-development and early involvement of the equipment manufacturers were both key in ensuring a quick implementation.
The project team's speed, flexibility and commitment were finally rewarded in January 2012 when (only ten months after the order had been placed) Bühler Motor approved the line for serial production start at their plant in Monheim, Germany. This is a real achievement, especially when considering that a number of equipment suppliers were still suffering from market-related bottlenecks.
"With a total of 6 laser systems, 4 highly flexible industrial robots, 3 freely programmable servo-presses and state-of-the-art test equipment, 4 fully automatic stacking and de-stacking systems and 3 different work piece transfer systems we implemented a highly automated combined line for top quality products and high volumes" a pleased Klaus Weiske says.
With its much larger production capacities and a number of other innovative products and services, Bühler Motor can give its customers its full support when it comes to further effective action taken to reduce CO2 emissions.

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