Exchange of experiences among VDI Value Analysis professionals at Bühler Motor

Bühler Motor's successful application
of Value Analysis in practice

Monheim, April 3rd, 2012 - Nuremberg and Munich's VDI Value Analysis ERFA group members were really impressed when visiting Bühler Motor on March 22. More than 20 senior practicioners of Value Analysis from various industrial companies had gathered at the Monheim plant for their regular exchange of experiences.

After Harald Krug, the plant manager, had introduced Bühler, Dr. Uwe Bader, head of the Bühler Motor Group's department Global Production Systems, showed how the application of Value Analysis can result in a realistic calculation of target costs during the tendering stage. Marianne Schweinesbein, Project Manager Global Production Systems, then could exemplify how Value Analysis made Bühler Motor nearly double the potential output of a production line at extraordinary low investment costs.

Long-standing Bühler Motor consultant Peter Monitor (Krehl & Partner) demonstrated how the methods of Value Analysis can be used to do much more than meet technical or economical challenges. The "value-based company management" concept also supports the optimization and acceleration of management and leadership functions.
During the following plant tour the participants could get an impression of the very consistent use of Value Analysis methods in the daily practice of the Bühler Motor plant.

Dr. Uwe Bader and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) MBA Marianne Schweinesbein will also present Bühler Motor's successful application of Value Analysis at the 12th VDI Users' Day "Wertanalyse Praxis 2012" (Value Analysis in practice) in Salach on April 26/27, hosted by EMAG Salach Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Furthermore the President & CEO of Bühler Motor Dipl.-Kfm. Peter Muhr will give an experience report - together with external consultant Peter Monitor - about the usage of "Value Management within the company administration".

Simply put, Value Analysis is the structured application of a variety of precisely defined tools and methods for a systematic investigation and completion of many different tasks. It is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach. Experts from all involved functions during the whole process are supposed to meet at a very early stage, when there are still options to be pursued. This can avoid fatal results and optimize products and processes for all involved parties. Value Analysis focuses upon the value generated for all those concerned - customers, investors, staff - and looks for the functions that promote these values. It is based upon the VDI 2800 Value Analysis work plan.

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