IAA 2015: Bühler Motor presents new solutions for the electrification of more automobile functions

Independence from the operating status of the combustion engine: This is the decisive benefit of electrifying more functions in automobiles. Whether it is in the stop phase when coming to a halt or when coasting: Mechatronic drives increase the possibilities open to developers. More and more functions can thus be implemented with absolute precision, irrespective of location.

By providing flexible platforms, Bühler Motor is responding to the growing range of application possibilities.

bFlow C, for example, is a family of auxiliary water pumps, while bFlow O is a family of oil pumps. With these platforms, drive solutions that are totally matched to the requirements of the OEM can be realized quickly and cost-effectively. And it doesn't matter whether we're talking about themal management or the development and regulation of pressure and negative pressure.

Solutions range from the pure drive to the entire actuator or the complete pump with integrated electronics, as required. And Bühler Motor is able to present not only concepts, but also prototypes in often very advanced stages. All members of the family of water pumps, for example, will gradually be made available as standard products by 2018.

SCR pumps and vacuum pumps round off the portfolio. However, the solutions provided by Bühler Motor are not just limited to pumps. Drives for a wide range of additional applications in the engine compartment, e.g. in the area of valve trains, are also being developed.

All this is accompanied by extensive investments in the efficiency of the company's production facilities. With its modern plants and systems, Bühler Motor will be expanding its capacities at its locations in Monheim (Germany), Chihuahua (Mexico) and Zhuhai (China) by more than 70% by the beginning of 2016.

The test center has also been modernized, which means that high-temperature and hydraulics tests, for example, can now also be carried out in-house.

On the sales side,on-the-spot customer support is being enhanced. The sales office in Shanghai, for example, is being further expanded to become an independent Tech Center, and in Yokohama (Japan), a further representative office in the Asia region has also been established.

With all of these steps, Bühler Motor is presenting itself as an efficient system partner to its globally active customers.

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