Bühler Motor – Winner of the Lean & Green Management Award

For the second time, Bühler Motor has been named "Top Performer" for the linking of lean management with sustainability and efficiency measures.

Nuremberg, December 4th, 2017 - For the second time, Bühler Motor impressed the Lean & Green Management Award jury and made it through to 1st place in the Automotive Mid-Sized Sector.

"We assess each company's performance using more than 100 individual criteria, each of which is rated on a points basis using a maturity model", says Daniel Reichert, Director Lean & Green at Growtth®Consulting Europe, describing the selection process.

Alongside elements relating to production and logistics, overarching aspects such as strategy and business model, management, leadership and staff or efficiency are put to the test.

In giving the reasons for their choice, the jury particularly mentioned the "Bühler greentech motor" approach, a three-pillar strategy that applies not only to the manufacturing process but also to the products themselves and the applications in which they are used: "Green production of green products for green applications." The jury listed the company's "lean strengths" as being the outstanding production and logistics processes, the flat decision-making structures and an efficient product support team on site.

"We are delighted that, after 2014, we have succeeded in impressing the jury for a second time. For us, sustainability means using streamlined processes to minimize waste sustainably. In this way, we're not only saving precious resources - we're also making ourselves more attractive than out competitors", comments Peter Muhr, President and CEO of the Bühler Motor Group.

And he adds: "I would especially like to thank all the employees involved, particularly at the award-winning site in Monheim, without whose enthusiasm and determination such a success would not be possible.

"In addition to Bühler, four other companies received awards in their own categories: Fiat-Chrysler, ASM Assembly Systems, Convotherm Elektrogeräte and MAN Truck & Bus.

The prize-giving ceremony and presentation of the Lean & Green Awards took place on November 28/29, 2017 at the premises of last year's winners, Rohde & Schwarz in Munich/Memmingen.

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