bFlow O: new development platform for electric transmission oil pumps

Nuremberg, August 28, 2013 - At this year's IAA, Bühler Motor is not only proud of its new cooling-fluid pumps, but also of its new flexible platform for electric transmission oil pumps.

Wether it's stop-start, coasting or hybrid driving - the pumps based on the bFlow O platform enables the transmission to be operated independent of combustion engine. The bFlow O is an affordable solution to increase transmission efficiency.

A tight installation space with high power density, challenging temperatures and environmental conditions within or around the transmission are feasible. Utmost dynamism, a maximum useful life and a seamless integration in existing systems are going to complete the requirements. Only solutions fully geared to the application in question can meet these challenges.

With the new bFlow O platform, such solutions will not only be realizable in a fast and precise manner, they will also be affordable.

Be it pump drives or complete pumps or an integrated system: with the new bFlow O platform, automotive manufacturers can do even more to increase efficiency.

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