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Preparing the ground with Bühler Motor

Bühler motors are constantly in use in farming and agricultural equipment. Resistant to dust and dirt, ideally protected against condensation and spray water, extremely robust even with wide temperature fluctuations.

Customized, long-lasting, low-maintenance drive solutions – from harvesters to manure spreaders.

Bühler Motor Case Studies

Seed drills

Perfect for driving dosing drums, tramline, section or row control.
The technically compact, robust design means that equipment can be smaller and avoids expensive down times.


Bühler Motor drives are particularly suitable for adjusting rollers, blades or slide elements.
Extremely hard-wearing, with a high torque, they will continue to run even on slightly older harvesters.

Fertiliser spreaders and winter spreaders

Downsizing the motor allows several motors to be used with limited overall power.
Optimally adjusted interfaces (electric and mechanical) and a design streamlined to the absolute essentials will considerably
reduce costs. Ideal for precision delivery.

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