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4 pillars strategy at Buehler

We live Sustainability

Conserving energy and resources.
Right from the start.

Lighter, smaller, more energy-efficient. The Bühler Motor Group develops energy-efficient drives while taking into account the consumption of resources and energy throughout the product life cycle.

Greentech from Bühler Motor is a holistic, sustainable approach that forms the basis for further growth. It comprises our four-pillar strategy for improving our environmental performance and is certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

  • Greentech products

    Up to 90 % of all elements of the manufacturing process of a product are identified in the development phase, during which Bühler Motor analysis carefully the intended purpose, use of materials, and the application’s environment. 

    • Product planning and development, while considering the product's lifecycle, from design, to suppliers, and recycling
    • Minimizing material use and weight through the consistent use of FE simulations
    • Increasing efficiency using innovative technologies such as segmented stators
  • Greentech production

    Year after year, Bühler Motor has seen a significant environmentally friendly progress made in production by using less resources and staff training, including:

    • Energy data analysis for the energy-efficient use of equipment
    • Lowering use of material through minimizing production waste and returning it to the production cycle if possible
    • Increasing the percentage use of recyclable material
    • Using reusable packaging
  • Greentech facility

    Our production and administration buildings are powered by a high percentage of green energy. 

    • Use of energy-saving LED lights and presence detectors
    • Continuous improvement in environmental protection in the company (UVP) using defined measurement and target key figures
    • Power and heat generation with combined heat and power (CHP) plant - this is also used to generate cold water for air conditioning systems and process cooling
    • Use of energy-efficient air compressors with heat recovery
  • Greentech applications

    Bühler Motor customized drive solutions are used in all sorts of applications to help reduce our ecological footprint and cut CO2 emissions. 

    • Maintaining gear oil pressure with start/stop functions in motor vehicles
    • Energy-efficient thermo-management in combustion engines
    • Cooling of batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles
    • Post-treatment of exhaust gases, control of exhaust gas return valves in motor vehicles
    • Shading of buildings to reduce the energy demand for air conditioning
    • Weight reduction in aircraft through the low-weight design of our aircraft seat adjustment system

Our certificates

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The Buehler Motor Sustainabiliy Report

How can we organize our business processes responsibly, taking into account the needs and requirements of society and the environment? You will soon be able to read about these important aspects in the Bühler Motor Sustainability Report.