Research and Development

Development expertise is one of Bühler Motor's core skills.

Outstanding process capability in the development of motors, gears, hardware, and software is one of the company’s great strengths.

These combined with our own prototyping, simulations and in-house
test laboratories, accelerate the actual development process, by reducing the number of development/test loops, thus shortening the time-to-market.

Our modern development centers at the individual company locations
make global networking easy.

Reaching the goal faster with simulations

Testing without samples.

  • For better acoustics, strength and robustness, vibration behavior, temperature resistance, flow behavior or leak tightness:
    Sophisticated simulations open the way to thinking in alternatives and help to find solutions that save on materials, costs and weight.

    Magnetic circuit calculations (“motor designs”)
    Static structural analysis (“strength calculations”, FEM)
    Flow analysis (CFD)
    Water pump design
    Thermal simulation and model analyses
    Gear designs
    Injection molding simulation (mold flow)

Own prototype construction

Production maturity quickly and flexibly

Our goal is creating prototypes close to the series product, ensuring a fast implementaiton.

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Our range of services includes in-house jig- and fixture making, 3D printing, experience in mechanical processing
alongside monitored individual processes, the production of assembly aids and the final assembly of entire components.
We cover everything from individual pieces to small series manufacturing, from the A sample to the pre-series B sample.

Additional proto-typing services:

  • Winding of anchors and stators
  • Final assembly of components
  • Mechanical finishing
  • Laser labeling
  • Gear wheel milling
  • Electrostatic coating, balancing, magnetizing
  • Separate ESD division
  • 3D printing

Testing and validation

Tested in-house quality.

At the heart of Bühler Motor stand our in-house laboratories and test stations, where important and time saving tests are carried out,
and the test results are quickly added to the development process.

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Cutting-edge computer tomography is also used, for testing, measuring and analyzing individual parts, components
and whole products. Application areas include non-destructive error and porosity analyses, defect and assembly analyses,
combined with CAD and 3D printing.

Services include the following tests

  • Durability tests under mechanical loads and in various media (e.g. oil, urea)
  • Electrical impulse tests (“E tests”)
  • Acoustic tests
  • EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • ESD (electrostatic discharge)
  • Vibration and mechanical shock, drop test
  • Temperature conditions (incl. humidity)
  • Thermal shock air and water (immersion test and ice water)
  • Condensation and salt spray
  • Steam jet (protection class IPx9K)
  • Chemical resistance / reagents test

Precise in every detail

Our modern Metrology Department.

Our Metrology Department has many years of experience in the field of precision measurement and is on hand to answer customers' questions.

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Services range from test equipment monitoring, contract measurements, first sample testing to training courses.
Our test rooms provide constant temperatures and stable conditions, and provide the following equipment:

  • 3D coordinate measuring equipment
  • Surface, roundness and form measuring equipment
  • Length measuring equipment
  • Force-torque measuring equipment with hardness testing
  • Digital systems and measurement software
  • Computer tomography (CT)

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