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Innovations by Bühler Motor

At Bühler Motor, innovation lies in the detail, and the challenge lies in developing motors, gears and pumps that are
quieter and smaller, using lightweight and energy efficient materials.

The goal is to create more power, lower consumption and greater efficiency, in an optimized combination of  
DC electric motors, sensors, electronics and software as well as gears, actuators and pumps.

Bühler Motor's success is attributed to a continous drive torwards technological improvements, solution platforms, and  
complex systems.
Bühler Motor’s leadership in innovation is shown in its investment in pump technology, in the trendy technology of brushless  
BLDC motors, and in electronics. Our smart products are able to communicate with vehicle systems and report status  
such as speed and temperature.

At Bühler Motor, innovation means:

Our innovation is based on four pillars.

  • Advanced development

    One to three years before mass production, our pre-development team pushes forward with innovative products and concepts. Thus increasing our advantage through our superior technology and years of experience.
    For example: 

     An intelligent oil pump module that enables variants to be designed flexible (e.g. Flexible installation options – with integrated electronics and sensors).
     Motors without classic metal housing,
    e.g. Duroplast stator overmolding.

  • Technology development 

    Our research and development team of experts work on new technologies and procedures for products and applications.

    Supported by effective, interdisciplinary simulations, in-house prototyping (e.g. 3D printing) and cutting-edge test procedures. 

     Magnetic circuit design optimization  for high
    power density in BLDC motors.
     New measurement technology for high-resolution 3D magnetic circuit measurement.
     Usability investigation for foamed materials. 

  • Electronics and software development 

    As products become increasingly complex, electronics have a crucial role to play. Bühler Motor has established its own expert team for developing specific hardware and software components.. These tackle the following areas, among others: 

     Smart storage (predictive maintenance)
     bFlow C improvements
     Electronic modules for overall use in all products

  • Innovative production processes 

    Cutting-edge systems at Bühler Motor’s production plants are equipped for Industry 4.0 and meet the requirements for maximum quality and flexibility. From individual prototypes through medium-sized orders to large-scale production volumes running into millions – whatever the requirement, Bühler Motor can offer a production process individually optimized to the volume required. Process data is collected and systematically evaluated at every stage in our fully automated plants. The aim is to obtain information for predictive maintenance, to guarantee traceability and to use the data in our continuous improvement process.

We continue to develop

Developing dynamically
from the start

About one in ten employees worldwide works in Research and Development. When “time to market” counts, Bühler has the competitive edge with its own development expertise, prototyping and test laboratories.

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Top performance

Unique development expertise, dynamic innovative strength, and a zero-error principle are the strong foundations on which Bühler Motor builds, with underlining leadership in the field of quality assurance.

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Just the right production process

Bühler Motor offers the highest standards of production in the Industry 4.0 era. Our wide range of production processes offers convenient flexibility for  moderate quantities to mass production.

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Bühler Motor internationally

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Our quality

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