Drive solutions for
general industrial

Bühler Motor gets solutions up and running.

For small model railways or large buses, vending machines or animal hair trimmers. We immerse ourselves in our customers’ products – and develop just the solution they need.

Bühler Motor provides the perfect choice of materials for motors and gears - as a standard product, simple or complex variant or new, customer-specific development.

Bühler Motor Case Studies

Vending machines

Ticket machines, ATMs, drinks or vending machines work even better if they’re fitted with a Bühler Motor DC gear motor. It is incredibly compact.

And with maximum torque, it is a real power pack that can be used anywhere.

Fitness equipment

Bühler Motor supports the fitness industry with various sports applications, including massage rollers.
These loosen tension, promote the circulation and strengthen the user’s connective tissue.
The running noise is particularly important, and so they are particular quiet to allow users to relax as fully as possible.


Bühler Motor is famous for its ultra-small motors that have long been in use in toys.
From traditional toys such as model railways to cutting-edge steering wheels for computer games.
Robust and long-lasting.

Short delivery periods through the use of standard components guarantee maximum flexibility.

Hair cutters

Our motors for special scissor drives mean that hair cutters can cope with even the thickest human or
animal hair – with an extremely high overload capacity.
A standard product that can be modified to individual requirements and models.

White goods

Bühler Motor drives are used in large and small domestic appliances. Such as the door closing mechanisms on ovens.
Because we comply with specific parts of the Household Appliance Standard, supply is easier and development costs lower.

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