Automotive Solutions
for Future Mobility

  • Thermal & Emissions

    New electric pumps and drive technologies for energy-efficient temperature control and reductions in emissions.
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  • Drivetrain

    Electrical gear oil pumps and actuators for the demands of today and tomorrow.
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  • E-Mobility

    Intelligent transmission motors and electric pumps for hybrid and battery-powered vehicles.
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Fast Forward Automotive Solutions

Electric motors and pumps for the mobility of the future.

We move the future. With intelligent drive solutions that improve performance through their innovative power and dynamics. Here, Bühler Motor is on hand as a system supplier for individual solutions in the automobile industry. Tuned to its customers’ needs and quickly integrated into production.

Electric drive systems are defining the future of automotive progress. As one of the preferred technology partners, we support customers in the automobile industry with motor and drive concepts designed to reduce emissions. In the pioneering area of electric mobility, Bühler Motor provides integrated system solutions to create customized electric motors and pumps for the mobility of tomorrow.

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Extra customization is included

Always the right drive solution. Bühler Motor makes it possible.

Tight spaces, maximum performance, outstanding temperature resistance and energy efficiency. Every generation of our drives and pump technologies gets small, lighter and more efficient. Alongside peak technical performance, it is our ability to think in terms of intelligent systems and platforms that makes Bühler Motor a strong partner for the automobile industry. And we combine this with the highest levels of expertise in development and manufacturing in the areas of Drivetrain, Thermal & Emissions and E-Mobility.