Aviation Solutions
by Bühler Motor

The system supplier
for comfort solutions.

  • Seat Actuation

    PAXCOM – system for electric seat control and seat adjustment for a wide range of seat kinematics.
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  • Control panels

    Intelligent operating units, capacitative sensors, individual design with a first-class look
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  • Pneumatic systems

    Lumbar support, massage function, pressure adjustment for maximum passenger comfort.
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  • Customized components

    Individually modified components and systems for aircraft seats, e.g. lighting systems.
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Aviation Solutions by Bühler Motor

Comfort, ergonomics and efficiency included.

For airlines, the comfort and ergonomics of aircraft seats is an important differentiating factor which ensures high passenger satisfaction.
Our products allow aircraft seats to be operated conveniently, simply and quietly.
Bühler Motor has been supplying well-known manufacturers with actuators for aircraft seats since 2002, in close cooperation with Dornier Technologie since 2013.
The successful partnership was further strengthened by Bühler Motor’s aquisition of Dornier Technology in 2017, which now operates under the name of Bühler Motor Aviation GmbH.
Today, the Bühler Motor Group is a system supplier and expert for electronic and pneumatic systems for aircraft seats.

Convincing benefits

For seat manufacturers, airlines and passengers.

Flexible seat architecture

  • Modular CAN-based seat adjustment system, scalable from cockpit seats to super first-class seats
  • Intelligent linear or rotating actuators to support a wide range of seat kinematics
  • One power supply for up to 4 aircraft seats
  • Simple integration through the use of an ingenious cabling concept
  • Low calibration requirement during seat installation
  • Remote maintenance facility for simple development support

Outstanding passenger comfort

  • Smooth, ergonomic seat motion based on smart actuators with BLDC technology
  • Near-silent seat adjustment through specially designed motor controls and material selection 
  • Capacitative glass  PCUs (passenger control units) for an elegant appearance
  • 4-way adjustable lumbar support for quiet and smooth operation

Simple maintenance and measurement data capture

  • More transparency through “Big Data”, from analysis of passenger behavior to recording of most used functions
  • Innovative and simplified maintenance concept concept thanks to continuous data logging
  • Software update, system and status overview
  • Online reporting

Bühler Motor is your one-stop shop not only for components,
but also for complete systems and customer-specific developments.

From digital MRO solutions
to preventive maintenance.

Easy on-site support allows us
to permanently monitor and optimize the complete seat system.

With continuous data logging and analysis, we avoid unplanned maintenance work
with tasks scheduled in advance. Knowing what and when to service lowers maintenance costs and increases customer satisfaction.
High availability, high customer satisfaction and fast processing times lower your total operating costs.

‘Big Data” analysis not only helps achieve preventive maintenance but also provides valuable
insights into usage patterns and passenger behavior. And this is what forms the basis for constant improvement.

Seat Actuation

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Aviation quality

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