Medical Equipment

Always the best drive solution.
For every medical equipment requirement.

Having produced millions of reliable motors and gear motors, Bühler Motor is in a position to customize drive solutions to the specific needs of our medical equipment customers. This benefits hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and, ultimately, the patient.

The possibilities for individually tailoring products to customer applications are endless: Performance optimization, shaft changes, alternative materials, various ratios for gears or additional components such as Hall sensors, encoders and adapters.

Individual products and applications

  • Applications for
    Medical Equipment:

    • Dental chairs
    • Amalgam separators
    • Operating tables
    • Lab analysis devices/centrifuges
    • Dialysis equipment
    • Inhalers
    • Infusion pumps
    • Patient lifts/stair lifts
    • Wheelchairs
    • Dosing pumps for liquids and gases
  • Drive technologies
    as our competence

    • DC motors up to 200 W
    • BLDC motors up to 700 W
    • Gear motors up to 10 Nm

Bühler Motor Case Studies

Dental chair headrest support

Task: A compact motor that could be integrated seamlessly into the available space and the existing interfaces.

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The challenge: In the premium segment, patient comfort is a crucial factor. Because the motor is positioned close to the patient’s ear, the headrest adjustment needed to be as quiet as possible and to operate extremely smoothly.
Because of the large number of electronic devices nearby that could not be adversely affected, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) was a top priority. In addition, we did not want to make any changes to the customer’s mechanical interface in order to keep development expenses for the customer low. We therefore made use of our standard delivery range, with adjustments made with an eye on costs and benefits.

The Bühler Motor solution: A modified winding, the precise balancing of the rotor and a soft composition of the material for the carbon brushes ensured superbly quiet running.
Interference suppression was designed by our EMC specialists, with effectiveness verified in our in-house laboratory. In close cooperation with qualified suppliers, a mechanical interface was implemented with a special surface treatment. Suitability for series production was quickly proved in regular tests in our own Metrology unit.

Bühler Motor was able to implement the demanding customer-specific solution on the basis of existing components – and thus provide
the customer with an attractively priced, technically matured product.

Laboratory centrifuge with lock

Task: Development and production of a compact drive that would be durable, safe, compact and reliable.

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The challenge: The requirement was for a laboratory centrifuge that could be used over an extensive period of time. The Bühler Motor drive used would therefore need to run reliably for more than ten years. In addition, locking is essential for safety. A malfunction could cause the centrifuge to stop or could injure the operator. Moreover, the locking device needed to work quietly and quickly.

For the device to be as small as possible, a compact drive with high power density was needed, which could be overloaded because of the short application duration and which thus needed to be designed specifically for this.

At the same time, the manufacturer of the centrifuge wanted simple regulation of the entire system, which means that the drive is driven against blocking and only then switched off. In other words, it must be non-blocking.

The Bühler Motor solution: Stable, continuously safe operation was ensured by the choice of suitable materials for the brushes, commutator and lubricants.

A robust, overload-proof, non-blocking gear was achieved through the appropriate choice of gearwheels made from metal and plastic. This was combined with maximum cost optimization, since metal was only used at the absolutely essential points.

A special winding design was used to adapt the performance and power density of the motor to the situation at hand. This affects the speed of the locking. It also means that a smaller motor can be used, which has a positive effect on the design of the centrifuge.

Through in-depth discussions and thorough analysis of the application, it was possible to modify a standard drive using existing parts to produce a solution that was technically suitable. In this, Bühler Motor is able to draw on decades of experience from other projects and thus make use of reliable, tried and tested solutions.

The additional advantages of good economic viability and short delivery times due to the use of existing parts thus make this the perfect drive.

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