Drive solutions for
office equipment

Modern office concepts become even more efficient with Bühler Motor.

Bühler Motor focuses on cost-optimized drive concepts. Drives are individually modified, based on our Stock Service products.

Winding changes, different waves, alternative brushes, various transmission ratios create drives that are designed to meet the demands of office equipment. The result? Individual printers, copiers, sorting machines and products that make everyday office life easier. 

Bühler Motor Case Studies

Copiers, printers and plotters

The absolute top requirement: a whisper-soft drive that does not disturb concentration in the office.
Here, Bühler Motor offers specific drive solutions combining a high level of efficiency, long working life and excellent value for money.

Sorting machines, franking machines, paper folding machines

Drives for irregular use must function reliably.
Franking or paper folding machines in particular are often only switched on infrequently, and downtimes are longer.
At the same time, drives need to be smaller and yet provide a high level of performance.

Bühler Motor also offers the right solutions for this market sector.

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