Outstandingly flexible and scalable solutions.

bFlow O: Our electrical gear oil pumps and drives open up new applications such as start/stop, hybrid and coasting functions. At the same time, efficiency is considerably improved, which means that CO2 emissions are also cut.

bDrive for x-by-wire: Our actuators ensure exact gear shifting, clutch actuation and engaging of the parking lock.

The Bühler Motor bFlow O and bDrive families are used in all standard vehicle transmissions and in controlled all-wheel systems.

More about our areas of expertise

Solutions for the drivetrain

Smart drives, actuators & pumps.

In vehicle transmissions

in DCT, ATV, CVT, AMT, BEV/hybrid (DHT) transmissions

In the drivetrain

in all-wheel clutches, transfer cases and limited slip differentials

For e-mobility

in purely electric vehicles (BEV, FEV)

Successfully completed projects

Our application examples

  • Gear oil pumps for
    Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

    The commission: Development of a highly integrated, cost-optimized family of electric oil pumps for BEVs.

    The challenge: Variable solutions in terms of the communication interfaces (LIN/CAN/PWM) and the installation location (in or by the transmission) were to be provided for the difference architectures of electric axles.

    The Bühler Motor solution: A highly integrated system that operates almost noiselessly and utilizes standardized modules – both for the motor and for the hardware and software. In this way, functions such as sensorless or sensor-based operation or parameterizable protective functions can be specifically provided as required.

  • Taking a smart pump drive to Asia

    The commission: The provision of an auxiliary oil pump drive with integrated microcontroller in record time.

    The challenge: Development of a customized solution for start/stop. This works without sensors, is both pressure- and flow-regulated and allows software updates via the boot loader. A wide range of installation space requirements and customer interfaces for various vehicle types need to be taken into account. To allow for a coasting function later, the system must be scalable.

    The Bühler Motor solution: A milestone in Bühler Motor product history: The smart pump drive with CAN interface, FOC (Field Oriented Control) and specially developed control strategies. A team of young, innovative engineers and experts with many years of experience were able to bring the innovative solution to the SOP on time in less than two years. 


  • German technology for China 

    The commission: Two new double-clutch transmissions developed by a Chinese OEM were to be fitted with a tried and tested drive/pump solution . 

    The challenge: In line with current trends, not only a pump drive but also a completely tested hydraulic system with gerotor pump was to be supplied. And expectations were high in terms of technical cleanliness, EMC and power density. In this particular case, the mechanical pump was to be completely replaced by an electric oil pump.

    The Bühler Motor solution: Based on highly efficient IMP motor technology and with clean room production, new standards were set in this category. On the basis of a newly created 60 mm platform, partly or fully integrated electric pumps can be used flexibly for installation into the gearbox or gearbox mounting. A tried and tested manufacturing strategy was used supported by an entire supply chain in China.

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