Pneumatic systems

Our pneumatic systems help increase passenger comfort and meet the highest ergonomic standards.

Take our lumbar system, for example:

A compact, lightweight lumbar support system with optional massage function, the system can be installed in any seat and is supplied with a standard cushion size that can be adapted to customer needs at any time.

The pneumatic tubing can be customized to the seat structure.

Lumbar system

The 4-way lumbar system guarantees outstanding passenger comfort.

  • Very low noise level
  • Very low weight
  • Massage function available
  • Can be installed into almost any seat structure
  • Standard cushion size which can be customized
  • Tube length can be adapted to the seat structure
  • Supported interfaces: CAN, RS-485

Premium Eco Lumbar System

  • Scalable – up to 4-Pax-Row
  • 4-way Lumbar System with two bladders per PAX
  • Need for DC power only Max 8 W per group
  • Lightweight (500g per PAX), silent and small size
  • Only one pump per seat-group, Valve block per seat

Seat Actuation

PAXCOM – system for electric seat control and seat adjustment with a wide range of seat kinematics.

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Control panels

Intelligent operating units, capacitative sensors, individual design with a first-class look

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Customized components

Individually modified components and systems for aircraft seats, e.g. lighting systems.

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