Thermal & Emissions

Energy-efficient in practice, precise temperature control.

Improved energy efficiency, less CO2, lower NOX values, yet at the same time more comfort, safety and driving pleasure: With its innovative drive solutions precisely tailored to any requirements, Bühler Motor provides effective support here – and offers outstanding system expertise.

bFlow C for hybrid and electric vehicles.
For cooling the battery or precise temperature control of power electronics: Our auxiliary water pumps ensure that individual components are kept in an optimum operating range independently of each other.

AdBlue®/DEF pumps for SCR systems.
We are now offering the second generation of feed pumps as part of the overall system in order to reduce NOX values in exhaust gases. All components and media-contacting materials are designed for use with AdBlue® .

Looking proactively to the future.
Bühler Motor has developed a needs-based, speed-regulated drive for active oil mist separators. With this, blow-by gases are cleaned and returned. The low energy requirement due to the innovative motor concept and the scalable design combined with intelligent electronics mean that it can be used in both passenger car and commercial vehicle applications.

More about our areas of expertise

Functional safety for hybrid and electric vehicles

The growing networking of highly complex vehicle systems brings with it new demands on quality and its protection. "Functional safety" guarantees a high degree of product and safety of use of the installed systems and components. In order to guarantee the reliability of the process, Buhler Motor is preparing for the future with audits such as Automotive Spice ® and ISO 26262. In this way, all project requirements of our customers will be fulfilled in the future.

Drive solutions for Thermal & Emissions

Reaching the target with more energy efficiency and system expertise.

Successfully completed projects

Our application examples

  • Intelligent electric water pump for hybrid and fully electric vehicle drives

    The commission: A cooling circuit system consisting of five water pumps for a self-driving electric car to control the entire thermo-management.

    The challenge: Development of a high level of efficiency while keeping energy consumption low.

    The Bühler Motor solution: The use of bFlow C pumps meets all the demanding temperature and working life requirements and also provides intelligent diagnostics functions. Bühler Motor was honored by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC) as an innovative company for this achievement in 2017.

  • BLDC auxiliary water flow pumps in the bFlow C family

    The commission: Thermo-management for CO2-optimized drives. This could be for turbocharger cooling, post shut-down cooling, air conditioning in start-stop applications or temperature control of batteries and power electronics in electric or hybrid vehicles.

    The challenge: More concentrated power output, less installation space, longer working life, lower weight, higher temperature resistance, expanded diagnostics capability and optimum noise behavior.

    The Bühler Motor solution: The bFlow C product family of 12 W, 14 W, 20 W, 30 W, 50 W and 80 W pumps. If necessary with microcontroller and expanded customized diagnostic capability: Intelligent auxiliary water pumps which communicate via a control device and adapt the feed quantity to the cooling situation.



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