Automotive expertise

Bühler Motor will get your project reliably on the road.

Getting new products ready for series production in the shortest time, speeding up new markets – Bühler can do it all. With our know-how in the fields of Drivetrain, Thermal & Emissions and E-Mobility, we can realize custom solutions quickly and efficiently at any time. We offer comprehensive system, development, manufacturing and quality expertise. And we are a reliable system supplier to the automobile industry.

With 11 business sites on three continents, our own prototype construction, our own basic development and our own test laboratories, we are able to carry out major projects within tight time and cost constraints.

Engineering Service

With simulations, our own prototype construction facility and in-house test department,
we can implement your initial product idea successfully and take it to series production in the shortest possible time.

Advanced engineering

Our Pre-Development unit supports us with newly developed solutions that have already been tested.

In this way, we can fulfill customer requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Electronics and software development

Sophisticated products need electronics and software that are just as sophisticated.

To meet these requirements, we have an in-house electronics development team for hardware and software.

Technology development

Our teams in research and development have a wealth of expertise to draw on. They work on new technologies and procedures – both for products and for processes

  • Testing

    EMC measurements: Insulation and high-voltage tests, ESD testing and electrical parameter testing

    Environmental tests: Climate and thermal shock, salt spray, condensation and shakers

    Acoustic tests: Noise chamber

    Durability tests under mechanical loading and in various media (oil, urea, glysantin, ...)

  • Simulation

     Motor design and magnetic circuit simulation
     Strength calculations
    Flow simulations
     Simulation of complex systems
     Vibration analyses
     Temperature field calculations
     Injection molding simulations (Mold flow)

  • Prototype construction

     Winding of armatures and stators
     Final assembly of components
     Mechanical processing
     3D printing
     Laser labeling
     Gear-wheel milling
     Electrostatic coating, balancing, magnetizing
     Separate ESD division

Manufacturing expertise - industrialization

Bühler Motor has all the procedures and processes you need to take your product to series production. These include:

  • The preliminary development of new technologies for assembly processes and plastic injection molding
  • The development, production and procurement of plastic injection tools with the associated molding automation
  • The development, production and procurement of devices for one-piece-flow assembly through to the fully automated production line
  • The planning, manufacture and procurement of all quality assurance measurement and testing devices

Manufacturing technologies

  • Magnetic, micro- and plastic injection molding
  • Stator and anchor winding equipment
  • Metal and plastic laser welding
  • 1+2 component adhesion processes
  • Robotics applications
  • End-of-line testing

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