Industrial Solutions
by Bühler Motor

Moving drive technologies
for industrial solutions

  • Building automation

    Window shades, window drives, door drives, security and access systems
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  • Agriculture

    Seed drills, harvesters, automated feeding, manure spreaders
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  • Transportation

    Access controls, train and bus doors, platform gates, steps and ramps
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  • Office equipment

    Copiers, printers and plotters, sorting machines, franking machines, paper folding machines
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  • General applications

    Vending machines, fitness equipment, hair-cutters, toys, white goods
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  • Product overview

    Solutions for customer-specific applications or from our instant delivery program.
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Industrial Solutions by Bühler Motor

Moving drive technologies for industrial solutions.

Wherever something needs to be moved, precisely and reliably, Bühler Motor drive solutions are the first choice.

Lifting, lowering, turning, driving, controlling, adjusting – our customers can find a mechatronic drive solution that is perfectly matched to their needs. In Industrial Solutions, we focus on modifying standard drives to fulfill our customers’ individual requirements. 

Our product program

Ideal for every requirement

Our products

Stock Service

Our immediate availability program based on Bühler motors that have been tried and tested millions of times. Authentic Bühler-quality drives available at short notice. With all the quality expertise of a large-scale supplier to the automobile, aviation and healthcare industries.

Motors from 1 W - 90 W (PMDC)
BLDC Motors from 50 W - 240 W 
Gear motors from 1 Ncm - 10 Nm

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Individually modified

Variants provide you with individually modified drives based on our Stock Service products.

Winding modifications, different shafts, alternative brushes, different transmission ratios for gears and materials for gear wheels create drives that are individually tuned to meet your needs.

Customized for you

Are you facing some very specific challenges? Installation space, performance, durability, noise, temperature resistance, control or actuators?

You need more than a drive – you need a complete drive solution that fits seamlessly into your systems?
At Bühler Motor, we can make it happen.

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Industrial Quality

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