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Bühler Motor - driving forward transportation technology.

For door drives or platform ramps:
Our drives run quietly to make transportation more comfortable. Bühler Motor provides efficient time-to-market solutions here.

With intelligent drive solutions for doors, steps and ramps in transport systems, we take you and your customers to your destination reliably and safely. 

Bühler Motor Case Studies

Access controls

Security and robustness are the most persuasive arguments when it comes to access systems.
Bühler Motor develops drives that stand out because of their particular reliability and excellent durability.

Train and bus doors, platform doors

Bühler Motor drive solutions for sliding doors or slide-swing doors are highly efficient and resistant to vandalism
and external environmental factors such as humidity, spray water or dust.
With makes them particularly durable with a low maintenance requirement.
If a spare part is ever required, availability is guaranteed for years to come.

Steps and ramps

Sliding steps, folding steps or a ramp? Bühler Motor drive solutions allow passengers to board buses and trains easily and safely.
In these applications in particular, everyday loading is enormous.

Our DC motors – with worm or planetary gears and optical encoders – therefore need to cope with a lot.

Caravan Mover

Especially in our leisure time, our demands on comfort and design are particularly high. The challenge in this application is that a very small gear motor has to absorb extremely high load peaks in the system for short periods. Due to our modular design, the gear could be modified in a short time to meet the high requirements of the application.

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