global expertise

All electrical and pneumatic seat components from one source.

Bühler Motor is able to meet the toughest customer requirements worldwide, thanks to its vast system expertise, including innovative hardware and software solutions, flexible manufacturing processes, and carefully designed product portfolios. 

In association with seat manufacturers and famous aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing and Embraer, we are able to offer airlines rapid integration into their systems. 

System expertise

One of our greatest strengths is assuring a full understanding of customers’ systems
and applications.

Thanks to our pre-development team, we are able to anticipate future needs within our target markets and
develop viable solutions, independent of customer projects.

As a result, we can offer our customers complete systems with motors, actuators, transmissions and pumps including electronic systems, sensors and software from a single source.

Reliable system expertise

For an efficient risk management, customer requirements are reliably met in compliance with airworthiness regulations set by aviation authorities such as EASA, FAA, and the aircraft manufacturers. 

Advance Engineering

We have the support of a pre-development team for finished and tested new solutions, enabling quick and cost-effective responses to customers' requests.



Electronics and
software development

As products grow increasingly complex, smart controls with electronics and software are a core requirement.

To meet this requirement, we have an expert electronics development team for hardware and software.


Our research and development team of experts work on new technologies and procedures for products and applications.

Engineering Service by Bühler Motor

Using simulations and our own prototype construction and in-house testing departments,
results in safeguarding customers' concepts and fast samples production.

  • Testing

    EMC measurements: insulation, high-voltage tests, ESD, and electrical parameter testing

    Environmental tests: Climate and thermal shock, salt spray, condensation and shakers

    Acoustic tests In the running noise chamber

    Durability tests under mechanical loading pumping various fluids such as oil, urea, glycol, etc.

  • Simulation

     Motor design and magnetic circuit simulation
     Strength calculations
    Flow simulations
     Simulation of complex systems
     Vibration analyses
     Temperature field calculations
     Injection molding simulations (Mold flow)

  • Prototype construction

     Winding of anchors and stators
     Final assembly of components
     Mechanical processing
     3D printing
     Laser labeling
     Gear-wheel milling
     Electrostatic coating, balancing, magnetizing
     Separate ESD division

Milestones and outlook

Smart systems for seat control and adjustment

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