Our Passion Sets
Your World in Motion.

Fast, flexible, authentic, personal,
working as a team to create customized drive solutions.

We move the future. With intelligent drive solutions that improve performance through durability and dynamics. With a strong team that is ready to tackle the very specific concerns of each of our customers. 

We understand the challenges facing our customers and familiarize ourselves with every aspect of their project. Because ultimately, only one thing counts: The success of our customers.


The Bühler Motor Corporate Philosophy

Values and aspects that are important to us:

  • Customers

    Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and is the key to our business success, now and in the future.
    We produce outstanding achievements for our customers and
    therefore require the highest standards of quality from ourselves and our partners.

    Through this, we have become one of the market leaders.

  • Market

    We set standards with our innovative mechatronic systems and components in the Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare and Aviation markets.

    It is important for us to have a balanced portfolio.

  • Employees

    We work on the basis of mutual trust, reliability, openness and a sense of responsibility.
    We encourage our employees to have an entrepreneurial spirit.

    We are fair to our staff on all levels and at all locations, in the full awareness of our social responsibilities.

  • Environment

    We attach great importance to the careful use of resources,
    to continuous improvements in every area,
    to compliance with the provisions of the law and with
    the operational safety and environmental protection requirements.

    We take our social responsibility seriously.

  • Family 

    Our owners take the long view when it comes to the development of the company.

    That’s why we are growing on a profitable, self-financed basis
    and thus maintaining our independence as a family-owned company.

We are one of
the top 3 suppliers
in our markets.

We set standards with innovative drive technologies for the Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare and Aviation markets.

Products and markets

We guarantee
outstanding performance and absolute perfection.

Our unique development skills, innovative ideas and high quality standards are the secure foundations on which Bühler Motor builds. 


We provide working conditions
that encourage motivation and commitment.

We see our employees as partners in a long-term relationship with us.


Your career at Bühler Motor

Travel with us through the Bühler Motor
working world and discover why our
employees love working with us so much.

Working at Bühler Motor
Job offers

Compliance at Bühler Motor

We believe in being a good, fair partner to our customers,
suppliers and employees.

As a global player, the Bühler Motor Group is firmly committed to complying with all the applicable laws and regulations
and to meeting its social responsibilities to the full. For us, it is important to be a good, fair partner to our customers,
suppliers, employees and anyone else with whom we have a business relationship.

Our compliance program includes:

  • The Bühler Motor Business Code of Conduct, the rules that govern our general business practices.
  • Continuous professional development measures to raise the awareness of our employees so that
    they understand how quickly our company’s reputation can be unintentionally damaged. These measures
    allow us to deal confidently with difficult situations wherever they may arise.
  • An e-mail address and phone number for direct contact with our Compliance Hotdesk.
  • A separate Compliance page within the local intranet, so that we can keep all our employees informed
    about matters relating to conformity with the law, antitrust legislation and so on.


Would you like to know more about this, or do you have any questions? 


Compliance Department
Anne-Frank Straße 33-35
90459 Nuremberg

Hilary Mayne
Tel: +49 911 4504 1700
Email: ComplianceHotdesk@buehlermotor.de

Download Compliance Guideline


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