Quality system in

We supply systems that meet 
our customers' challenging requirements.

In the aviation industry, high quality products mean safety. We achieve and improve our high quality by running internal audits.

Bühler Motor Quality

Ensuring quality in the long term

Our integrated management system ensures compliance with quality, environmental and occupational safety requirements.
In addition, our site at Uhldingen-Mühlhofen is approved under EASA Part 21G (no. DE.21G.0253) and EASA Part 145 (no. DE.145.0466).

Other certifications

Quality Planning 

Advanced quality planning is a core element for Bühler Motor. It ensures consistent quality from planning through development to production. Structured methods  with standardized tools are used, such as FMEA, QFD, DOE and others.

Quality as a
comprehensive process.

The heart of our quality strategy: Continuous process optimization on the basis of statistical methods and using tried and tested quality management tools.

By closely interlinking development and production (Design for Manufacturing) we integrate learnings and results directly into the development process. 

Sustainable quality.

Lighter, smaller, more energy-saving. The Bühler Motor Group develops energy-efficient drives and also takes into account the use of resources and energy throughout the entire process chain. Bühler Motor’s Greentech is an integrated, sustainable approach that benefits our environmental balance – and forms the basis for quality and growth.


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