Control panels

When it comes to Passenger Control Units (PCUs)
Bühler Motor has everything under control.

The possibilities for controlling and operating electrical seats are almost unlimited. Capacitive touch sensors combined with a robust glass surface provide the passenger with a superior look-and-feel experience. The mechanical Control Panels, called hard buttons, are an alternative to the glass PCUs.

They are used primarily in Business and First Class seats in various aircraft types.

Convincing benefits

For seat manufacturers, airlines and passengers.

The main benefits
of glass PCUs:

  • Tough, scratch-resistant surface
  • Front 100% liquid-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance and very durable
  • First-class look and feel
  • Touch operation like a smartphone
  • Low operating costs /total cost of ownership (TCO)

Control panels to suit a wide range
of customer requirements:

  • Individual number of functions
  • Glass and frame design
  • Size, shape, color, surface structure
  • Background lighting and brightness levels
  • Color and brightness of the individual buttons
  • Lighting of individual areas or the entire surface
  • Day and night design
  • Response times of lighting and function

Mechanical control panels
(hard buttons)

  • Alternatives to glass PCUs – with the same functions
  • Maximum design freedom
  • Sturdy and durable

Indication panels

  • Digital message and display panels
  • Seat number
  • Service call
  • TTL position on/off
  • “Do not disturb” on/off

Seat Actuation

PAXCOM – system for electrical seat control and seat adjustment with a wide range of seat kinematics.

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Pneumatic systems

Lumbar support, massage function,
pressure adjustment for maximum passenger comfort.

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Customized components

Individually modified components and systems for aircraft seats, e.g. lighting systems.

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