Bühler Motor for career newcomers

Joining Bühler Motor. With career opportunities.

Have you successfully completed your professional training or degree course? Then demonstrate your abilities and newly acquired knowledge through joining our company. 

You can show what you’re made of right from the start. If you have the right commitment and knowledge, we’ll integrate you into projects quickly and guide you carefully to a position of responsibility.

An integration plan individually tailored to your needs plus appropriate training courses will make your transition into working life easier. During your integration period, you will be actively supported by a personal mentor and given regular feedback.   

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What to expect at Bühler Motor

  • The will to get things going

    We expect our employees to show motivation, a desire to improve day by day,  and share our passion and enthusiasm for innovative drive technology.  Our company's drive technologies are in vehicles from sports cars to tractors, in aircraft seats, and electric window shades.

  • Enjoy  teamwork

    We believe most things work better, easier, and faster in a team. If you are a team player, show enthusiasm, are open, trusting, honest, and communicate well, you will fit in well at our company.  

  • Be reliable as our drives 

    Our expectation is that as a teamplayer, you will work responsibly within your team. Do you want your collegues and line managers to be able to rely on you at any time? Then you've come to the right place.   

Bühler Motor Stories

Share the enthusiasm of our employees.

Gabriela Seibt
Machine and Plant Operator

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Philipp Schmehr
Prototyping Department Manager

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Sabrina Brod
Project Manager

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