What you provide, what we need

Goods and services required by Bühler Motor.

We require a wide range of items, from plastic granulate to complex components, from indirect material to services.
We have set high standards for our suppliers. In the following you can find a list of goods and services we purchase:

This is what we need from you:

  • Metal

    Bühler Motor uses high-quality metals and metal components in its production processes.

    For example:

    • Stamped and pressed parts, deep-drawn parts
    • Loose stator and rotor plates 
    • Stamp packets, stator-rotor packets from electrical steel
    • Die-cast parts
    • Shafts
    • Sinter metals
    • Mechanical parts
    • Magnets
    • Ball and needle bearings
    • Enameled copper wires
    • Carbon brushes
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  • Plastics and rubber

    Bühler Motor production processes plastic and rubber parts. 

    For example:

    • Plastic granulates
    • Plastic parts
    • 2C/3C parts
    • Hybrid parts
    • Insulation tubes
    • Sealing elements
    • Isolating elements
    • Hoses
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  • Electronics

    Bühler Motor is a supplier of mechatronic drive systems, 
    so electronics are an integral element.

    For example:

    • Circuit boards and sensors
    • Electronic components
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  • Sub-assemblies

    As a system supplier, Bühler Motor needs a wide range of sub-assemblies.

    For example:

    • Drive components
    • Ball and needle bearings
    • Commutators/collectors
    • Plug connections & contact systems
    • Pumps
    • Cable harnesses/cables
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  • Services

    Bühler Motor is looking for experienced providers of services.

    For example:

    • IT services including software and hardware
    • Development services such as construction
    • Logistics and transport
    • Consulting, coaching and training
    • Disposal and recycling
    • Facility management
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  • Investment items

    Bühler Motor requires high-quality production equipment for its high-quality products.

    For example:

    • Tools (e.g. for plastic injection molding)
    • Manufacturing equipment
    • Pre-manufacturing equipment
    • Assembly and test systems
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  • Other requirements

    Other goods and services purchased by Bühler Motor.

    For example:

    • Operating and business equipment
    • Packaging/labels
    • Surface treatment
    • Catalog parts (e.g. fixing, soldering material)
    • Office supplies
    • Occupational safety products
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