Producing top solutions through expertise

Bühler Motor develops innovative solutions, ensuring full implementation.

The integration of development, industrial production and quality management ensure that our designs are manufactured by using tried and tested production methods, which are standardized at all our production plants across the globe to the highest levels of quality. We apply lean production principles and pursue a zero-error strategy.


Business sites worldwide,
including 5 production plants
on 3 continents


qualified staff worldwide, including 400+ in production

more than 

end products a year

  • Versatile manufacturing processes

    Our production plants across the globe meet the need for maximum flexibility. From individual prototypes through medium-sized orders to large-scale production volumes running into millions – whatever the requirement, Bühler Motor can offer a production process individually optimized to the volume required. This also includes the development, manufacture and procurement of devices for one-piece-flow assembly through to fully automated production lines.

  • Industry 4.0

    Cutting-edge systems at Bühler Motor’s production plants are equipped for Industry 4.0. Process data is collected and systematically evaluated at every stage in our fully automated plants. The aim is to obtain information for predictive maintenance, to guarantee traceability and to use the data in our continuous improvement process.

  • Complete solutions

    Bühler Motor’s manufacturing expertise ranges from prototyping and tool design through the complete area of metal processing, plastic injection molding to industrialization. It also includes particle-reduced production and flexible, customized complete installation processes. In this way, Bühler Motor can provide full support to its customers.

  • Plastic injection molding

    Bühler Motor specializes in the development and manufacture of complex injection molded parts using modern engineering polymers. This also includes the internal design and fabrication of the component-specific molding tools and production cells. Our parts portfolio ranges from micro gears with 0.0037g part weight to injection molded magnets.

Bühler Motor manufacturing technologies

  • Magnetic, micro- and plastic injection molding
  • Stator and anchor winding equipment
  • Metal and plastic laser welding
  • 1+2 component adhesion processes
  • Robotics applications
  • End-of-line (EOL) test methods developed in-house
  • Automotive

    Electric pumps and drives for the mobility of tomorrow. Specific applications, products and core skills as a recognized automobile supplier for electric motors, gears and pumps.
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  • Industrial

    If something needs to be moved precisely and reliably,
    Bühler Motor drive solutions are the first choice.
    Ready to use or developed and series produced exclusively for individual customers.
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  • Healthcare

    Intelligent drive systems for medical equipment and
    Drug Delivery Devices. These include near-patient diagnostic and therapeutic applications such as blood glucose meters, insulin pumps and drug delivery devices.
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  • Aviation

    Bühler Motor is a system supplier and specialist for electric drives and pneumatic systems for aircraft seats. The PAXCOM electrical seat actuation system offers a complete solution for integrated seat adjustment to the most sophisticated technical standards.
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Standorte weltweit,
davon 5 Produktionsstandorte
auf 3 Kontinenten


qualifizierte Mitarbeiter weltweit, davon 400+ in der Produktion

mehr als 

Endprodukte jährlich