DC drive solutions with 51 mm external diameter redefined

Expanded range of motors offering high performance, long working life and optimum adaptability

Nuremberg, 21 November 2016 - Bühler Motor is defining new standards in the 51 mm class with an expanded range of DC motors. '51 mm diameter and four different lengths' is the formula with which the new Bühler drives cover the power range from 6 up to 25 Ncm in continuous operation at 3000 rpm. "No-one offers more performance with the same diameter", Eric Wozniak, Director Product Segment Industrial Solutions, is convinced.

Bühler Motor is one of the leading suppliers of innovative mechatronic drive solutions with over 1,750 employees at 10 locations on 3 continents and focuses on the industrial, automotive, healthcare equipment and aviation seat adjustment markets.

The motors are completely maintenance-free through their entire life cycle and offer impressive dynamics and an efficiency of over 80% at nominal load. In addition, performance isn't achieved at the expense of working life. On the contrary, the motors were consistently designed from the beginning to have a long working life even in adverse conditions. Their bearing system is also designed for high axial loads and, with a temperature range of minus 10 to plus 70 degrees, they are ideal for a wide range of industrial and office applications.

Refinement has not been forgotten either. A skewed armature ensures low cogging torque, low-vibration running and extremely restrained noise development. With their low running noise, the motors are also suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments.

Another advantage is that they are easy to control and adjust. A temperature sensor can be integrated as an option, making monitoring easier and preventing breakdowns. When it comes to interfaces, the 51 mm family is uncomplicated and easy to connect: mounting options and shaft coupling are coordinated to the normal market standards and contacting is via plug-in connectors or a connection lead.

In combination with Bühler Motor's worm gear, the new 51 mm motors are ideal for use as door drives in buildings and trains. Their level of performance allows designers to replace much larger drives and to make productive use of the extra installation space available.

Two newly developed encoders round out the offering. In developing them, the priority for the Bühler engineers was to design robust, cost-effective rotary encoders that would cover most possible operating purposes. The optical encoder supplies 100 pulses per revolution and the magnetic encoder has a resolution of 8 pulses per revolution. The new encoders can be used with all Bühler motors from 40 to 63 mm diameter, whether they are brushed or brushless. With a length of just 19 mm, they are compact in size. With standard plug contacts axially and radially, they provide full flexibility for a vast range of wire lengths and cable sets.

The new encoders open the way to the production of drives that are optimally tailored to customers' needs: fast, uncomplicated and from one source. The 73 mm, 88 mm and 103 mm length motors are already part of Bühler Motor's STOCK SERVICE immediate delivery portfolio. The 142 mm motor will be available in the middle of 2017.

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