Bühler Motor supports families in home schooling efforts

The current situation concerning Covid-19 is not always easy to handle, especially for families with school-age children - this is even more difficult in families, who sometimes lack the hardware for digital participation in class. Not only is it impossible to participate in video conferences, with which the classes can at least virtually get together again, without the appropriate equipment, access to exercise sheets and other information from school is often already blocked.

In order to support families in this situation, Bühler Motor has provided the Theodor Billroth School in Nuremberg with eight notebooks that we are not using. Doing so we help children to learn and communicate with their classmates. Despite the difficult economic times for us as a company, we are making an important and valuable contribution to society that makes us proud. In this way, we ensure that social differences are less important for school success in times when the technical infrastructure is a fundamental necessity. The computers have already been distributed by the head of school Ms. Söhnlein, who is very happy about the great opportunity that this offer is giving her students and their families.

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