Bühler Motor expands product portfolio

Bühler DC and BLDC motors now also available with steel planetary gears
in 42, 52 and 62 mm diameter

Nuremberg, 15th August 2012 - Steel planetary gears with diameters of 42, 52 and 62mm are being added to Bühler Motor's available range with immediate effect. In a 1-, 2- or 3-stage design, these steel planetary gears can be combined with a large number of approved Bühler DC motors and Bühler BLDC motors. The new motor-gear combinations open the door to even more applications for Bühler drives. These drives are particularly attractive to customers requiring high-torque transmis-sion and the highest possible standards in terms of maximum working life under high loads.

The planetary gear installation kit produced by the renowned transmission specialist IMS Gear is thus expanding the possible applications for Bühler's products. In terms of performance it augments the Bühler Motor plastic planetary gear range of currently 22 mm and 31 mm.

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