Bühler Motor increases offerings with their new 62mm BLDC

New in Bühler Motor STOCK SERVICE: BLDC with 62mm diameter and 142mm length.
Nuremberg, 05. October 2012 - Reinforcement for the Bühler Motor ec4more family: A BLDC with 62mm diameter and 142mm overall length. Convincing performance data makes it the choice wherever high performance within limited mounting space is required.

Good performancePeak performance of up to 400W shows in which league this Powerhouse plays. The nominal output torque is 45 Ncm, the holding torque is 3.5 Nm and the nominal power output is 200W. But is not only the performance value of the highly dynamic internal rotor that knows how to impress: Also the service life of more than 20,000 hours speaks in favor of the new BLDC for extraordinarily technically complex tasks.

Good for the environmentMaximum performance in the tightest of spaces, with highest energy efficiency. The efficiency factor of this Motor equipped with rare-earth magnets is more than 80%. The driving elements are naturally RoHS compatible. Emphasis was already placed on low weight and simple recycleability during the design phase.

Good to controlThe 3 phased-design, with star connection and 8 pole rotor allows the uncomplicated operation with most controllers available on the market. With 3 digital hall-effect sensors arranged at 120 degrees, the Bühler Motor BLDC is able to be combined with various sensor systems. With an almost sinusoidal back EMF, the commutation not only occurs through block commutation and sinus commutation, but can also take place sensor-less. Here the 62mm BLDC also helps with cost sav-ings.
Good adaptabilityThe zinc die cast end shields allow for a variety of mounting layouts. With problem-free attachment of encoder and/or brakes, very compact drive solutions are simultaneously possible. The modular motor design allows for light modification of the bearing shield, output shaft and shaft protrusion on the commutation side in order that the driving elements easily be modified to the specific customer demands. Through all these advantages is the new 62mm BLDC optimal for modification to specific customers' demands.
High performance, high dynamism, minimum mounting space, maximum service life, uncomplicated control, and optimum adaptability to customers' applic

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